Gemini Donald Trump goes for Twitter

Donald Trump dissed Twitter – the organization that, apparently, assumed the greatest part in getting him into the White House.

Trump welcomed the heads of colossal tech organizations to Trump Tower for a summit Wednesday – Tesla’s Elon Musk, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Apple’s Tim Cook were among the participants. Indeed, even Uber’s CEO was at the grown-up’s table.


Twitter honchos were eminently missing … which struck many people as odd since the Prez-choose is always giving the world his 140 characters-worth. A Trump assistant told Business Insider Twitter simply wasn’t sufficiently enormous to get approval.

While Twitter’s supposedly esteemed at about $13.85 billion, that is little change contrasted with any semblance of Google, Apple and FB. Twitter’s not said anything in regards to the slight outburst.


Donald John Trump, Sr. was born June 14, 1946  making him a talkative gemini  his

Birth Chart is as followed :

Sun in Gemini in 22degrees

Moon in 21 degrees Sagittarius

Mercury in 8 degrees Cancer
Venus in 25 degrees  Cancer
Mars in 26 degrees Leo
Jupiter in 17 degrees Libra
Saturn in 23 degrees Cancer

The Meaning Ascendant Sign


Okay my Starz !! We have  already talked a ton about sun signs and clarified the criticalness of your moon sign; now the time has come to finish your visionary identity by translating your rising sign. your introduction to the world graph is essentially a preview of the sky at the correct minute you were conceived. In specialized terms your rising sign–or “ascendent,” as it is regularly called–is the sign that was ascending over the Eastern skyline at your season of birth. You’re rising sign is an essential piece of your celestial identity profile. It represents your outward self: a social veil of sorts

You’re rising sign impacts individuals’ initial introduction of you, how you interface socially, and how you view and identify with others. banner-873105_960_720.jpg

The self you anticipate to the world is regularly a splendidly adjusted mix of your rising sign and your sun sign. Your ascendant is a vital piece of your identity and how you work on the planet. The primary concern to remember when finding out about your rising sign is that dissimilar to your sun and moon sign, you’re rising sign mirrors a more shallow, outward identity. Having a Cancer ascendant won’t make you a Cancer, however it will most likely help you identify with and pull in Cancers.


So what is Astrology Part 1


Astrology is the investigation of the connection between’s the positions and developments of divine bodies and life and physical procedures on Earth, and ther coming about practices. Despite the fact that a few stargazers work with stars and groups of stars, western celestial prophets work with the Sun, the Moon and the planets (counting Pluto) inside the Solar System.


Astrology goes a long ways past the promoted Sun-Sign segments distributed in daily papers and magazines. Crystal gazing ought not be mistaken for fortune telling, palmistry, psychic or tarot perusing. Nor is present day western crystal gazing a conviction framework like a religion

Gemini & Taurus Love Compatibility



Taurus is an arousing Earth sign with a profound requirement for physical touch and the delight of all faculties of the body. Gemini needs savvy incitement and couldn’t care less that much about investing energy in somebody’s arms. It is not as though they don’t have the should be touched, we as a whole do, yet they need to know they are cherished and acknowledged in such a large number of various ways and touch is only one of them. All things considered, they are one of the Air signs and in their reality musings must be engrossed, while solid correspondence is something that gives the likelihood of a decent sexual life.


While Taurus could remain at home, in bed, throughout the entire they, nestling with their sweetheart and requesting nourishment, Gemini might want to get out and be close at all not all that cozy spots. Their sexual coexistence could turn into the wellspring of the majority of their issues, when Gemini gets exhausted or Taurus irritated by the absence of enthusiastic embodiment.



Trust can be a main problem with this couple. Gemini is not too dependable when somebody tries to secure them. Taurus, much of the time, lives for the day when they will be secured with somebody at the same time. In the event that they don’t begin their relationship on a reasonable and honest establishment, where the primary thing they find out about each other would be the level of responsibility each of them needs, a genuine issue with trust will effectively emerge.


Gemini accomplice will begin considering reasons to escape any commitment forced on them by Taurus, just to abstain from offending them. Accordingly, Taurus will detect something isn’t right and begin fixating on their accomplice’s conduct and the things they say. This can get to the heart of the matter of outright doubt between them, particularly if Taurus gets truly furious and “malicious” in their typical uninvolved and hardheaded way.

Gemini’s aims are regularly confounded here and this can prompt to various after circumstances that will hurt them both. It is imperative for them to examine into detail what they both wish for while their relationship develops. Along these lines, they could avoid misconception that could prompt to an unrepairable absence of trust.



Taurus is an indication that goes before Gemini. In the visionary sense, this lets us know that the indication of Gemini wouldn’t exist if Taurus wasn’t there. Essentially, this implies Gemini accomplice wouldn’t do much if their physical needs weren’t dealt with. This is the place their relationship has a solid association, for Gemini accomplice may require somebody like Taurus to deal with their body and its needs.


It is simple for an Air sign, for example, Gemini to neglect to eat or rest for several hours for each night. There are such a large number of intriguing things on the planet that they simply would prefer not to miss. Taurus accomplice could cook a sound dinner, deal with their funds and demand a day by day plan that would give their Gemini a decent fiery base to put resources into their thoughts.


By and large, their interests are not that comparative, but rather they can figure out how to impart, for none of them needs delicacy and a path with words. In the event that Gemini accomplice chooses to back off a tad bit and Taurus opens up, they could even discover it is feasible for them to have a great time together. All things considered, they are administered by Venus and Mercury, two internal planets that are, when consolidated, responsible for entertainment only, cajole and the craft of discussion.


It is not likely they will impart their feelings to ease and appreciate each other the way they may with some other zodiac delegates. Still, there is a delicate side to Taurus that can liquefy down even the coldest of hearts. As a rule, their most obvious opportunity with regards to an adoring relationship is in the affection Taurus feels. We wouldn’t state that Gemini is harsh or dispassionate, yet they unquestionably have distinctive way to deal with their passionate nature than the Earth indication of Taurus, that lifts up the Moon.


At the point when Taurus begins to look all starry eyed at a Gemini, they will do anything to comprehend their temperament. There is nothing that a delicate nature of Taurus can’t see, however not quite the same as their own primal character it may be. At the point when their Gemini feels this profound and stable comprehension, they could react in a warm and silly way, discovering that they can be free notwithstanding when in adoration with somebody like Taurus.



While Taurus values the Earth, the material world, their feelings and what is steady in their life, Gemini values the Universe, the universe of thoughts, their sound personality and change. This is the place their disparities and component natures emphatically separate. They should make a decent attempt to acknowledge the genuine estimation of both their universes keeping in mind the end goal to work out their disparities.



They could discover exercises to appreciate together, yet not at a similar pace. Gemini likes things quick, while energizing, and Taurus might want to look at everything from the earliest starting point to the end, set the esteem on every movement and altogether choose on the off chance that they would need to rehash it or not. This will make their Gemini insane. It is best for them two to walk, a great deal, for this can keep Gemini grounded, while Taurus dependably needs development not to wind up in a static, idle, level state. They could interface their enthusiastic natures through some sort of craftsmanship, particularly on the off chance that they figured out how to figure out how to make something together. With Gemini’s thoughts and Taurus’ down to earth detect, joined with the requirement for magnificence, this ought to be a genuine masterpiece.




The relationship amongst Taurus and Gemini doesn’t give much guarantee in the first place. Still, the settled nature of the indication of Taurus can give them enough continuance and steadiness to toward the end in their plan to be with a Gemini, sufficiently long for them to truly become acquainted with each other well. In spite of the fact that their odds to accommodate their disparities are thin, if Taurus accomplice puts their entire heart into it, they may figure out how to wind up distinctly the most significant piece of their Gemini’s life as their base and their unwavering quality in all that they do. In the event that they acknowledge each other totally, Taurus will give Gemini their association with planet Earth, to their body and their day by day standard, giving them the base for wellbeing and typical working. Consequently, Gemini will give their Taurus wings and, even better, show them how to fly.

Your Biggest Weakness Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The twelve zodiac signs that we are all acquainted with where gotten from the visionary impressions humanity grabbed on a great many years back. Antiquated societies and civic establishments would look to the sky to clarify and understand what was going on in life. After some time they combined the anticipated ways of the sun, moon, and stars with their convictions and thoughts regarding individual’s practices, contemplations, sentiments, and activities.


As per crystal gazers, the month and day you were conceived on assume a critical part in deciding your identity attributes. Today, zodiac signs are best known for the distinctive qualities and feelings that are connected with every one. In any case, individuals tend to predominantly concentrate on the positive parts of their sign, while ignoring the negative ones.

In the soul of learning and all things adjusted, we give you the feeble side of your zodiac sign. These are the attributes that make you nonsensical, excessively enthusiastic, and not as much as great. We as a whole have our own characteristics and things that trouble us more so than others. Discover yours underneath and get to be distinctly educated about what might be a shortcoming of yours, or maybe even a quality in mask contingent upon how you manage it:





Easily affronted. Aries rush to outrage and when they do get irritated up their emotions can winding crazy. Their unchecked feelings defeat them, making it hard for them to relinquish whatever it is that irritated them in any case.


One track mind. Taurus likes consistent solidness and smooth cruising, yet in some cases they get to be distinctly fixated on a thought, or individual, or conduct, and they can’t appear tot drop it. This fixation mists their psyches and gives them a twisted perspective of reality.


Argumentative. Gemini’s love to face off regarding their focuses on a scope of subjects that intrigue them, however they see their pledge as the most important thing in the world of a discussion. They can rapidly get to be distinctly silly on the off-chance that they feel tested or are told they’re wrong since they regularly turned out to be by and by insulted by a distinction of supposition.

Cancer cancer-vector

 Putting things off.Cancers are the lords of stalling and they will put off everything that they truly would prefer not to accomplish for whatever length of time that they can. On the off-chance that they aren’t rationalizing their ponder gradualism, then they can likely be discovered resting or lazing around. Be that as it may, whatever they might do, it won’t be what they ought to complete!

Leo leo-vector

-Trust issues. With regards to gauging trust, Leo’s experience difficulty knowing who they can depend on and who to keep away from. They can wind up feeling alone and disconnected with nobody to trust, which wreaks ruin on the normal authority part they’re regularly in, and thusly that makes them discouraged.


Fear of dismissal. Virgos have a propensity for harming those nearest to them since they will all of a sudden and haphazardly leave a man before that individual can abandon them. They should be or feel in consistent control and that, combined with their failure to be distant from everyone else, makes them relationship saboteurs.


Unyielding. Libras are not the sort that take the path of least resistance, rather they effectively battle against it. Their slender perspectives of the truth are the best way to think and live and they’ll never show signs of change or acknowledge anything in actuality. This hardheadedness can set them back and seclude them from others.

Scorpio scorpio-vector

-Avoiding and smothering apprehension. Scorpios don’t confront their apprehensions or attempt to try to make an endeavor at understanding what it is their anxious about. Rather, at the scariest sentiment alarm on tension they flee and do their absolute best to maintain a strategic distance from whatever it is that is making them feel that way.

Sagittarius zodiac-1647171_960_720

-Dark musings. Sagittarius attempt their best to skim easily through life however when they hit an obstruction they’re more influenced by it than what they’re willing to let on. Any sudden tangle in their arrangements, or a change of occasions, causes them to withdraw into their heads where they fill their brains with dim musings. These tremendous, negative, awful thoughts are there to occupy from the dread of the obscure and the majority of the vulnerabilities they confront, yet they accomplish more mischief than great.


Social nervousness. Capricorns don’t care for hearing or notwithstanding discussing all that much with others since they detest listening to other individuals’ assessments. They adapt to this by maintaining a strategic distance from individuals and not connecting, which makes inevitable associations with others ungainly and uncomfortable, therefore adding more weight to their sentiments of social uneasiness.


Cocky and over beyond any doubt. At the point when the to a great degree sure nature of an Aquarius is on full show, it can overpower and deciphered as animosity by others. This can make them appear to be unapproachable and prompt to a breakdown in correspondence or them being segregated on the grounds that nobody needs to be around a vain crazy person.


Overly touchy. For a Pisces, over-affectability can be a shortcoming since they’re extraordinarily influenced by the musings and feelings of others, notwithstanding when they are ridiculous or unjustified. A little casual comment or a not all that kind word can demolish their day. Furthermore, they invest an incredible measure of energy attempting to please others, when they could contribute it on bettering themselves.

Khloe Kardashian Finalizes Divorce with Lamar


Khloe Kardashian’s allowed to begin arranging a Christmas wedding to Tristan Thompson, now that she and Lamar Odom are at long last single according to the law … on the other hand they will be in no time.


As indicated by their last separation docs, stamped by the judge … their split will be legitimate on December 17. In the docs, got by TMZ, the exes both deferred spousal support. Concerning their advantages … Khloe and Lamar are part their generation organization, Khlomar, and a financial records directly down the center.


She’s keeping her enthusiasm for DASH Boutique and he’s keeping his NBA 401(k) arrangement. They’d officially sold their conjugal home, and Khloe’s keeping the Calabasas home where she right now lives.

This concludes their frigid paced separate procedures. Khloe initially documented separation docs in December 2013, pulled back it after his close deadly OD … and afterward refiled in May 2016.

It is sad to see them go considering how compatible there chart is Khloe Kardashian is a cancer with a gemini moon and Lamar Odom is a scorpio with a gemini moon.

T.I Wife Tiny Gets a New Single Lady Hairstyle


On the off chance that you review, T.I. what’s more, Tiny were having issues in light of his conjugal disloyalty. It turned out to be so much an issue that Tiny got back by hitting the dance floor with his adversary Floyd Mayweather at a gathering — and perhaps it was more. T.I. wasn’t having any of it.

Tameka “Tiny” Harris  was born on  July 14, 1975 this would make her sun sign a Cancer !!!ti-floyd-mayweather-fight

Rapper T.I. what’s more, his better half Tiny are presently seperated– and in any event for the present – it doesn’t seem as though they’ll be back together at any point in the near future.ti-vs-tiny

What’s more, now it would seem that Tiny is prepared to MOVE ON with her life. She flaunted her new look – which is significantly more “Gritty” than we’re accustomed to seeing on her

Ill just sip my tea on that one my starz? What do you think ? Fell free to like and comment below !!

The Significance Of Saturn in Astrology

Discovering Saturn in the birth chart…:


Search for the Saturn image on your introduction to the world graph and notice the house position and sign. Finding out about your natal Saturn can light up. It offers bits of knowledge into ranges of life where you’ll likely face your most extraordinary inside fights while in transit to self-assurance. Saturn’s lessons oblige you to continue on through trials and to work toward dominance well ordered


In the event that Saturn is in congruity with different planets, this gives you an effective partner. Yet, hard perspectives with Saturn make constraint or strain. For instance, a square to Venus can bring about a man/woman to feel disconnected, and encounter numerous obstructions to cheerful connections. Saturn is connected to wretchedness on account of the billow of self-uncertainty it throws. However, Saturn assembles confidence in yourself, since you must stroll through the “dull night of the spirit” to beat these puzzling implicit weights, fears, misfortunes, and so forth.




When you know your Saturn sign and house position, attempt to discover translations for both. By perusing about the Zodiac sign that shares the indication of your Saturn, you’ll begin to see what qualities the Celestial Taskmaster needs you to ace. Keep it as a question in your mind that you can return to when you meet somebody that epitomizes these qualities. Check whether you’re attracted to those that have them actually. What will it take for you to develop toward your Saturn?


The first run through Saturn returns to meet your natal Saturn is in the late twenties. This is a standout amongst the most essential circumstances celestially – a period of getting genuine with yourself and your basic purpose for existing. On the off chance that you’ve been drifting on swagger and impractical considering, Saturn will bring about the establishment to break down underneath your feet. It can be a period of change, stress, real re-assessment and change. For a few, it gives affirmation that you’re in good shape. What’s more, you get another opportunity to take stock when Saturn returns again in your late 50s.


Saturn was the God Kronos, father of Zeus, who was known for eating up his posterity not long after subsequent to being conceived. He did this since he expected that they would outperform him. Yet, Zeus, who was secured by his mom, came back to face his dad, and Kronos’ feelings of dread were acknowledged through death. Also, on the off chance that we clip down on what we fear the most, in the long run it decimate us.


Saturn has been portrayed as the rebuffing father, additionally as the Grim Reaper, who stops life. Mortality is a definitive limitation, and as Father Time, he is the insightful one that motivates earnestness in our journey to satisfy our life mission.

Saturn is the farthest planet away that is still unmistakable to the exposed eye. Like Jupiter, it is made of hydrogen and helium, and has an attractive field 578 circumstances more capable than Earth

Galileo first observed the particular rings through his telescope in the mid 1600s. NASA researchers are concentrate the air of Titan, the biggest of Saturn’s Moons since they speculate that Earth had a comparative start. Titan has a portion of a similar building hinders for life to be bolstered.



The developments of Saturn, otherwise called the “Incomparable Malefic,” used to be seen with dread and accompanied notices go from the celestial prophet to customer about pending deficiencies, misfortune, extraordinary misfortune or rebuffing conditions. There’s some adjust to how we see Saturn now, since large portions of its hardest lessons and trials prompt to the wealthiest, most hard-won prizes.

For instance, an independent man or lady may have numerous hard perspectives with Saturn, and wind up being broadly respected for what they’ve overcome. This is the individual that develops out of profound neediness, exploits each instructive open door, and turns into a common achievement.


Saturn’s blessing is the weight that keeps us concentrated all alone way. It’s earnestness, similar to the sign it rules, Capricorn, originates from realizing that a few objectives oblige us to trudge through fear to create more internal train. Jupiter adjusts this out confidence, good faith and trust that all the diligent work will pay off. Saturn doesn’t guarantee achievement, however by laying out the means, and adhering to the way notwithstanding the diversions and questions, you begin to pick up Saturn-endorsed authority paying little respect to the result. It is the way to immovable self-regard.


Saturn’s impact may appear to be overwhelming and restricting, yet that is the way of the physical domain. When you hurl up your hands and claim to be overpowered, dormant, discouraged, another person must be the power in your life. This power can be given to a supervisor, father, companion, instructor, companion, or even a rebuffing voice inside your head. Once you’ve been lowered sufficiently mortified, you may choose to force yourself up and work for yourself. The sign and house position of your Saturn indicates where these life shows will probably occur.

New Couple Alert Khloe’s Best Friend Pisces Malika and a New Mystery Man


According to Media Take out, Malika Haqq has been WITHOUT A MAN for a few years now – yet it FINALLY resembles she has somebody willing to claim her – and he’s a prominent reality stImage result for Ronnie Magro and malikaar.

Recently Ronnie Magro, the Jersey Shore buff, posted a photograph of himself kissing a secret young lady on Instagram. The delightful woman is not labeled, nor would you be able to see her face, but rather it’s really obvious that it’s Malika.

Ronnie was last matched with kindred Jersey Shore star Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola. So we supposing this could be a stage up?


Malika Haqq was born on March 10, 1983 making her sun sign a pisces it is unknown currently what time she was born to discover her sun sign


Gemini Kanye West Goes Blonde4 ?

Kanye West is back in general society eye – surfacing precisely where you’d anticipate that him will Thursday in Los Angeles.


According to TMZ  sources,The ‘Life of Pablo’ rapper was spotted at a workmanship establishment at the Pacific Design Center … also, he was donning blonde hair – an alternate look from what he had before his hospitalization for a mental breakdown.

Great to see ‘Ye getting over into what he cherishes.