Jupiter is viewed as the most effective and greatest among the nine planets. Being the instructor of the Gods it secures most astounding position and is the most promising planet.


As per Vedic soothsaying Jupiter is ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces sign and Punarwasu, Vishakha, and Purwa bhadrapada Nakshatras. Jupiter is a promising planet which gives immaculateness, genuineness, honesty and satisfaction. This planet is successful in second, fifth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh places of a man’s kundli. Out of twelve months in a year it stays retrograde for four months. Sun, Moon, Saturn and Mars are its benevolent planets while Venus and Mercury are its adversaries.

What space science says in regards to Jupiter

Cosmology says that Jupiter is nearly twenty nine crores and six lakh miles a long way from the Sun while it is thirty eight crores mile far from Earth. The span of this planet is around eighty nine miles. Days of Jupiter are shorter from the times of Earth and Mars since it finishes a turn in its hub around Sun inside nine hours and fifty-five minutes.


It rises again following a month after it has set, following four sequential months it gets to be retrograde and coordinate following four months. It sets following four months and one week. Jupiter remains for one month in every sign and takes thirteen months to finish the cycle of twelve signs. From late investigations it is recognized that Jupiter has thirty nine moons and along these lines it outperformed Saturn.

Jupiter in Mythology


It has been determined in the Skanda Purana that Jupiter is the child of awesome sage Angira. After a long and hard love of ruler Shiva he accomplished the position of the Tutor of the divine beings and a place among alternate planets. On the quality of his insight he conveys the share of the devas from the Yajnas that are performed. He conveys profound and genuine figuring out how to its aficionados. He acquires satisfaction and acclaim a man’s life.

Place of Jupiter in Astrology

Individuals who are affected by Jupiter feel the experience the ill effects of hack. They have a noisy voice; they have chestnut eyes and some of the time cocoa or brilliant hair. They are profound, logical, fair and have a distinct fascination in science.


It has a full viewpoint on the fifth, seventh and ninth house. The houses that are aspected by Jupiter yield benefic results for the local however the house that has Jupiter does not yield benefic results. It turns out to be exceptionally viable (Yoga karaka) in Sagittarius and Pisces on the grounds that the houses it viewpoints and the house in which it takes position are both valuable. On the off chance that it’s in Virgo or Gemini it gets to be destructive for the individual.

Place of Jupiter in Palmistry


There is a place on the palm that is set apart as ‘Mount of Jupiter’. It is situated beneath the pointer of our hand and is watched by Saturn, Mars and Rahu. The position of the mount in Palmistry is of extraordinary significance. In the event that there are images of squares or circles in this mount then the individual gets accomplishment in artistic and money related field. They are exceptionally driven and clever. They picked their life accomplices by their own and if any line crosses the mount of Jupiter from the Luck-Line then the individual gets to be fruitful and well known in the public arena.

Jupiters Power in Astrology

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