LeBron James is taking in each and every piece of his first OSU v. Michigan football game Saturday … what’s more, he’s offering everything to his Cavalier partners.

LBJ and the young men – Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson to give some examples – are sideline for “The Game,” and remaining bounty warm with some move moves. Everyone’s decked out in OSU outfit … counting the players, who are outfitted in custom LeBron spikes.


It’s great to be The King.


LeBron James is a Capricorn  amd was born: December 30, 1984 and his birth chart is as followed:

Sun:09° 00′ in Capricorn
Moon:11° 56′ in Aries
Mercury:16° 49′ in Sagittarius
Venus:24° 41′ in Aquarius
Mars:04° 00′ in Pisces
Jupiter:21° 08′ in Capricorn
Saturn:24° 34′ in Scorpio
Uranus:15° 16′ in Sagittarius
Neptune:01° 26′ in Capricorn
Pluto:04° 13′ in Scorpio

Capricorn LeBron James is Giving His all to his new Cavalier Family

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