Bobby Brown says his little girl, Bobbi Kristina, had boundless procuring potential before her bf ended her life … what’s more, a judge put a high dollar sum on those prospects.

Scratch Gordon was requested to fork over $35 million to Bobbi’s domain Thursday after he was before discovered obligated for her passing.


Here’s the manner by which the judge separated it:

– Conversion (taking assets/resources) at $1.5 mil with reformatory harms of $250k

– Assault and battery/therapeutic harms at $1.3 mil, in addition to $4.2 mil in light of the fact that Gordon was affected by medications and liquor

– Pain and enduring at $13 mil

– Loss of life at $15 mil, including her total assets and future potential salary


The last count came after weepy declaration from BK’s family. The domain had initially looked for $40 million in its wrongful demise suit against Gordon. The undeniable issue now will be when and if the domain gets a dime out of him.

Gordon was absent in court, similarly as he’d been all through the case.


Nick Gordon  is a Taurus he was born on May 5th 1990. The time and place of his birth is unknown since he was technically adopted by  whitney houston

Taurus Nick Gordon is ordered to Pay 250 Million

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