The Sun Importance in  Astrology


The Sun speaks to the Self, one’s method for being on the planet. It can speak to, on various levels, both the conscience and the higher Self or soul reason. It rules Leo and is lifted up in Aries. The Sun is the most essential “planet” in the graph and symbolizes one’s will and feeling of imperativeness. At the point when the Sun is harassed (ineffectively put or inadequately aspected) it could demonstrate issues with the father, or male good example.


The image for the Sun originates from antiquated times, and is fundamentally the same as the Jungian image for individuation. This is on the grounds that the Sun speaks to the legend prime example, which can be perused as the narrative of rising above the little self, or inner self, for more prominent mix and the genuine Self. In myth, the saint ordinarily should meet and defeat obstructions on his or her mission, which in natal graphs can be shown by the planets that make close angles to the Sun, particularly the distressing ones. The Sun invigorates your whole outline, and planets in cozy relationship to the Sun (via planetary viewpoint) identity underlined as a part of your identity. In the event that your Sun is noticeable in your diagram, you will show incredible energy to do and to be.


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