Conor McGregor has set his terms to box Floyd Mayweather – $100 MILLION!


The two had been doing a reversal and forward on TMZ Sports prior this week – with Floyd calling him a “subterranean insect” and Conor challenging him to “say that to my face.”


However, Tuesday night at 1 OAK in NYC, Conor assumed control over the DJ corner, captured the mic and got out the boxer for anyone to view.

“Floyd’s not prepared for this,” McGregor said.

Floyd Mayweather Jr in Las Vegas for a fight described by Sugar Ray Leonard as 'about history'

“Much regard to Floyd. He’s a strong agent on what he’s possessed the capacity to do … he’s a f**king creature at what he’s possessed the capacity to do. In any case, similarly as genuine battling … to the extent genuine immaculate unarmed battle … Floyd don’t need none of this.”

“He needs a bout, he doesn’t need a battle.”

“I need a $100 million money to battle him under boxing rules … he’s anxious about a genuine battle.”

Ball’s in Floyd’s court now ..


Conor McGregor birth chart is as followed he was born on July 14, 1988 making his sun sign a cancer !!! 


Sun in  22° Cancer                          Moon in  28° Cancer

Mercury   in  3° Cancer                Venus in 15° Gemini

Mars in °0 Aries                          Jupiter in 28° Taurus

 Saturn in 27° Sagittarius           Urnaus in 28° Sagittarius

Neptune in 8° Capricorn            Pluto in 9° Scorpio


Floyd Mayweather birth chart is as followed his sun sign is Pisces !!!!!

      Sun in 5° Pisces                                 Moon in 20° Taurus

Mercury in 20° Aquarius               Venus  in  18° Aries

   Mars in 11° Aquaurius                    Jupiter in 23° Taurus

 Saturin in 11° Leo                            Uranus in 11° Scorpio

  Neptune in Sagittarius                  Pluto in 13° Libra







Cancer Sun Sign Conor Mc Gregor Demands 100 Million

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