lindsay-lohan-3Ms. Cancer Lindsay Lohan needed to shroud her injurious association with Egor Tarabasov, and she additionally paid through the nose to keep them above water … in any event that is the thing that she guaranteed on Russian TV.


Amid her meeting with Russia’s Channel One, Lindsay said Egor hit her all through their relationship … to the point she needed to cover her wounds.


She additionally said she upheld Egor monetarily … notwithstanding purchasing her own wedding band – which would clarify why’s regardless she wearing the emerald since they split. Kinda stunning on the grounds that Egor is the child of a super well off Russian businessperson.


Since Lindsey Lohan is a cancer it is no surprise that she would be more than willing to provide and nurture Egor. I am not sure what his sign is but I have a feeling he was born in Novemeber which would make him a Scorpio but dont quote me on this .


Lindsay went ahead to say the misuse made her more like her mother, Dina … who, obviously, had a rough and harsh association with Michael Lohan. Lindsey Lohan wants to live her life just like her mother she cant help it she is a mothers baby. So more than likley she will be crying to her mom for suport on this one.


, Lindsay was extremely enthused about meeting President Putin while she’s in Russia … what’s more, she multiplied down on that amid the meeting, saying … “I truly like him, he is extremely tireless.” Whatever that implies.

Egor’s now terminating back – his rep lets us know Lindsay’s cases are all false, and he’ll seek after lawful activity to demonstrate his innocence.

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