Aquarius  Gucci Mane didn’t squander at whatever time when he got off of house capture this week – he celebrated by hitting up a strip club … with RACKS to blow.


TMZ had Gucci in NY Wednesday, only a day after he wrapped up a 4 month house capture sentence – and he was all grins, posturing with fans outside SiriusXM HQ.


And after that he advanced toward Aces strip club with GF Keyshia Ka’oir … where he dropped $10,000 worth of George Washingtons.


Aquarius md Aquarius , this couple are companions and scholarly accomplices. They share a specific sort of virtous  insight, and a goal, balanced perspective of each other and of their general surroundings. For Aquarius and Aquarius, similarity isn’t about sentiment, in that capacity, as neither one of the partners is especially customarily sentimental – it’s more about common friendship and the way that they simply love each other’s organization.


What i find special about there relationship is that both of them are aquarius so there communicaton is at its finest. Although sometimes they may bump heads. I do not find it unusual that his girlfriend tagged along with him I mean why not and bring one of those strippers home to have a nice orgy lol !!!!

According to TMZ  Gucci didn’t have a drop of alcohol for himself, however bought 10 bottles for his group … which included Fabolous, Metro Boomin and Uncle Murda.

We’re told his “Appreciated Home” cake – by Nerwan Khalife – was brightened with 24K gold, and expense $975.

What more could a man need – strippers AND cake!


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