Angelina Jolie has put her children at danger by getting out Brad Pitt as an awful father … according to close people  to Brad


According to TMZ  Pitt is “incensed” at Angelina for professedly turning stories that he represents a danger to their children as a result of outrage issues filled by weed and liquor. Pitt says there’s currently an abundance on the leaders of the whole family, since they’ve now turned into a prime focus for the gaggle of paparazzi.


According  to Brad Pitt he has felt that Agelina Jolie has  unleashed damnation upon him

Brad Pitt is a sagittarius and Angelina Jolie is a Gemini they are completly opposite when we look at the zodiac circle. It is not a surprise that Brad Pitt is no marijuana and alchol I mean come on how many kids does he have? Also sagittarius have a tendency to dwelve into the fun part of life almost in excessive sometimes. They are happy freedome lovers and nothing will be more hurtful to them then you telling them know.Like what Mr. Gemini Angelina is doing.


It is also good take not that Angelina Jolie is a gemni with an ascendant of Cancer so this makes it a very intracate mix. So right no w she is using Brad Pitts weakness as a streangth against him and umm lets say she is somewhat winning because she is definatley getting some what of a reaction from Brad Pitt. Sagittarius can always be the life of the party but at the end of the day they want there personal life to be private. Sagitttarius folk are surprisingly very private people.


The border of their Hollywood Hills home is currently covered by photogs, and the LAPD is presently watching at normal interims.

 Angelina in the course of the most recent few days and argued for her to handle the separation “like grown-ups.” He needed to calm it for the advantage of the children. Rather, he says, she went singed earth by requesting sole physical authority and proposing he’s a hazardous father.

Brad, we’re told, is furious at Angelina and afraid for their children



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