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Ms. Scorpio Hillary Clinton got herself a specialist’s note affirming she’s fighting pneumonia … furthermore stacking up on her drugs.


The doc just discharged a letter in light of all the mania over Clinton’s swooning spell and it incorporates a rundown of the medications she’s at present taking:


– Armor Thyroid (for hypothyroidism)

– Coumadin (blood more slender)

– Levaquin (anti-infection) for 10 days

– Clarinex (antihistamine for sensitivities)

– B12


The competitor’s cholesterol tally is 189 (103 LDL, 56 HDL) and her circulatory strain is 100/70 – all inside ordinary parameters for a 68-year-old lady. Dr. Lisa Bardack says she’s assessed Clinton’s wellbeing “a few times” since Sunday, and she’s enhancing and fit to be POTUS.

Hillary’s additionally less unfeeling than spoilers claim … at 97.8.images-2

Hillary Clinton is aScropio as noted before and scorpios are very well known to internalize there stress I hope that is not what is going on here…..



Lets pray Hillary Clinton doesnt have any more fainting spell.What do you think Starz? Do you think that Hillary Clinton is healthy enough to run?Or do you think Trump supporters are making a big deal out of nothing?


Feel free to leave your comments and questions below starz and also make sure you like and share!


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