SCORPIO WEEKLY HOROSCOPE 09/12/2016-09/18/2016

You are the sun and your companions are the planets; you are their focal point of gravity. You’d have it no other way: It’s unbelievably complimenting to be relied on by such a variety of individuals who are breathtaking in their own privilege. Tuesday and Wednesday are characterized by philosophical inquiries and the probability of being driven along by others – you may end up purchasing something you have little use for – yet Thursday and Friday, you are wise, decided and in control. Less can be said during the current weekend. There is pressure at home, and something somebody says may start a startling upheaval. Be that as it may, look on the splendid side: At minimum it will eliminate any confusion air.

Cremation Memorial Jewelry: Platinum Zodiac Scorpio

SCORPIO WEEKLY HOROSCOPE 09/12/2016-09/18/2016

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