Master P is loaded with it when he says he’s bankrupt, and much more dreadful – he’s transformed 3 of his children into pawns in his separation war with Sonya Miller … as per Sonya, in any case.

It should be noted that Master P is a Taurus and Sonya is a Scorpio not necessarily the greatest match it was surprising that they lasted for 20 something odd years.


Scorpio is forceful and bossy. Taurus doesn’t prefer to be surged or given requests. The two altered signs will achieve a stalemate on numerous life issues as they attempt to mix their universes. Neither knows the significance of bargain.


Sonya is presently terminating back at her repelled spouse and their youngsters. TMZ originally broke the story  about the children composing letters to the judge saying they favored living with Dad since Mom is a medication junkie.


Ido very well believe Sonya is dipping in some drugs thats just what Scorpios do and did i mention that she does appear very sickly skinny or is that just old age ?

Be that as it may, in new docs, Sonya says that Master P is pissed about late court orders for him to pay her what she’s owed … so he utilized the children to delude the court.


She tackles P’s child rearing excessively … saying his choice to include the youngsters was egotistical and not to their greatest advantage. Sonya’s likewise not purchasing his case he just makes $2,441 every month.

She guarantees his total assets was $350 mil inside the most recent 5 years, in addition to … despite everything he comes in a Rolls.


Primary concern – Sonya thinks Master P is more worried about his money than their children which sounds like a typical Taurus I hate to say it.


Scorpio couldn’t think less about the material parts of life, in spite of the fact that Taurus takes a stab at them every day keeping in mind the end goal to feel secure. Taurus cherishes cash, an advantage about which Scorpio is undecided.


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