Katt Williams laid an awful “pack style” assault on a kindred humorist and captured her when she attempted to escape … so she guarantees in another claim.

Ashima Franklin says Katt’s misuse began with a hit to her face in 2012, and he went too far again with a 2 day fear crusade this year while they were visiting together.


As per the suit, according to TMZ, Katt boasted about having “million dollar bitches” … at that point turned his fierceness on Ashima, saying … “Why am I staying here with this hillbilly, Alabama, woodlands ass three dollar p**** bitch?”


The following day, Ashima says Katt and 2 ladies assaulted her – abandoning her with a swollen face and wounds to her mid-section, arms and legs – and Katt obstructed her from taking off.

She includes there was another occurrence where Katt tossed sizzling sustenance at her face, and inquired as to why she thought she even had the privilege to eat.


Ashima’s suing for in any event $3 million. Katt Williams refuses to comment on this issue .

I’m sorry Starz but I watch Kat Williams and I think that in a way this is comical. Maybe not for the girl but it is defiantly comicaL. First of all if you guys did not know Kat Williams is a Virgo with a scorpio Moon. You see the scorpio moon plays a part in his character. I can definitely see Kat williams being a pimp probably before he was famous. He dresses like one and even acts like one. So I do think that this situation definitely went down !!! You have got to retire the pimping stick Kat lol.

kattwilliamsandashimafranklin (1)

You can tell Kat Williams is a Virgo his dress code is always very sharp !!! He is always fresh to death and fly. But hitting another woman really came to shock until i discovered that he had a Scorpio moon interesting right.

The Moon’s situation in crystal gazing is critical to comprehension our deepest selves, our concealed considerations, our inspirations, and our fantasies. The Moon speaks to instinct, shrewdness, and mystery. Scorpio has a regularly merited notoriety as a dim, agonizing spiritualist himself. .

Moon in Scorpio society feel seriously about everything. Their whole perspective is molded by the profundity of their feelings. Moon in Scorpio is the individual who answers an inquiry before it’s been asked, intuiting it from everyone around him. Scorpio Moon loans a profound quality to masterful interests also; this is somebody who feels “driven” to make, be it craftsmanship or music or writing, however would never distinguish the wellspring of either his motivation or his drive.


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