According to TMZ and Aqua sources Sean Kingston has no issue choosing huge amounts of top of the line gems, yet paying for it is another story … as indicated by the top of the line diamond setter who says they got screwed.


T-Shirt Bandit Sean Kingston Rap Hip Hop Music T Shirt S Black
NYC goldsmith Aqua Master just sued Kingston more than 9 bits of gems he gathered up a month ago – esteemed at more than $300,000. The diamond setter says Sean guaranteed his biz director would wire cash to pay his tab.


As indicated by the suit, Aqua got 2 checks rather than a wire exchange … what’s more, they bobbed. In the interim, Sean was getting a charge out of 2 precious stone neckbands, a couple of gold chains, a ring, an arm jewelry and 2 watches. A rep for Aqua lets us know Sean even paraded the products on IG.


Sean Kingston is an Aquarius so it is not strange that he would be buying this jewelry and paying it back. The dark side to some Aquarius is finding little loop holes to get money and get it fast sometimes with little or no regard to the person on business that they are scamming.


So what do you think Starz ?? Do you think that Sean Kingston just is running into money problems or his dark side is coming out ??? Leave your thoughts and comments below and feel free to like and share.

Thank you for reading !!!!

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