Police have recovered no less than one firearm, different weapons and medications from Chris Brown’s home, after Chris tossed a duffel pack out the window of his home according to TMZ sources

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Cops apparently  dashed to Chris’ home early Tuesday morning after a lady called 911 and guaranteed he pulled a firearm on her.


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Police have been at the house since 3 AM and are getting a court order. Chris has not left the house, but rather different sources let us know he was rebellious as he tossed the duffel sack out the window, provoking cops and saying, “Come and get me.”

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It  also should be noted that the girl who apparently called the police is a beauty queen pageant winner

I can expect for this standoff not to end anytime soon why because Taurus are stubborn!!! Wow I feel sorry for those police f0czksox7orf57lywfhi

This comes to know surprise being that Chris Brown is a Taurus.Taureans like to do things in overabundance. With a joy looking for mentality and a liberal nature; in spite of the fact that they are steady, they lose all mindfulness with regards to eating, substance use and different indecencies. Bunches of caffeine admission can be normal in some cases to constrict the hypersomnia.



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