Date range: February 19 – March 20

Element: Water

Quality: Mutable

Day: Thursday, Monday

Ruler: Neptune

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Cancer, Scorpio

Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Virgo

Date range: February 19 – March 20



Pisces are agreeable, so they regularly wind up in an organization of altogether different individuals. Pisces are magnanimous, they are continually eager to help other people, without planning to get anything back.

Pisces is a Water sign and in that capacity this zodiac sign is portrayed by sympathy and communicated enthusiastic limit.

Their decision planet is Neptune, so Pisces are more instinctive than others and have an aesthetic ability. Neptune is associated with music, so Pisces uncover music inclinations in the most punctual phases of life. They are liberal, merciful and greatly unwavering and minding.

Individuals conceived under the Pisces sign have a natural comprehension of the life cycle and in this manner accomplish the best enthusiastic association with different creatures.

Pisces-conceived are known by their insight, yet affected by Uranus, Pisces once in a while can play the part of a saint, keeping in mind the end goal to get the consideration. Pisces are never judgmental and continually lenient. They are likewise known not most tolerant of all the zodiac signs.



Somewhere down in their souls, Pisces-conceived are hopeless sentimental people. They are extremely steadfast, tender and genuinely liberal to their accomplices. Pisces are energetic significant others who have a need to feel a genuine association with their accomplices. Fleeting connections and experiences are not unconventional to this zodiac sign. In affection and relationship, they are indiscriminately steadfast and extremely minding.



Delicate and minding, Pisces can be the closest companions that may exist. Truth be told, they frequently put the necessities of their companions before their requirements. They are steadfast, given, humane and at whatever point there is some issue in the family or among companions, they will do their best to determine it. Profoundly natural, Pisces can sense if something isn’t right, even before it happens. Pisces are expressive and they won’t dither to express their emotions to the general population around them. They anticipate that others will be interested in them as they may be. Correspondence with friends and family is vital for them.


Instinctive and frequently marvelous, Pisces feel best in a position where their inventive abilities will go to the fore, far and away superior on the off chance that it’s for philanthropy. Occupations that fit Pisces are: lawyer, planner, veterinarian, performer, social laborer and amusement architect.

Roused by the need to roll out improvements in the lives of others, they will regardless of the fact that that way to go past the limits. This zodiac sign is caring, persevering, devoted and dependable. Pisces-conceived can be incredible at taking care of issues.

Generally, Pisces don’t give cash an excessive amount of thought. They are generally more centered around their fantasies and objectives, however they will attempt to profit to accomplish their objectives. Around there, there can be two sides of the Pisces – on one hand, they will spend a considerable measure of cash with little thought, while then again they can turn out to be entirely miserly. However, at last, there will dependably be sufficient cash for a typical life.


Sentiment administers the universe of the Pisces men. The man conceived under the Pisces crystal gazing sign lives to please and adore. The most ideal approach to lure a Pisces man is to open up to him totally.

A portion of the best Pisces qualities are his affectability, sympathy, and thoughtfulness. He is a tender man who will make sense of what you need and after that serve it up as frequently as could be expected under the circumstances.

He is continually searching for approaches to help other people and knows precisely what you need just about before you do. His yearning to please abandons him defenseless to control and lies. He will utilize his wild creative energy to satisfy you. The Pisces man loves to chuckle, so in the event that he observes you amusing and simple to associate with, you are on a decent approach to entice him.

He appears to be quiet all things considered, however within, you will locate an alternate individual, as the Pisces man fights between compelling feelings. Urge him to open up and discharge those emotions. One of the best Pisces qualities is the capacity to tune into others feelings. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are dating a Pisces man, you can anticipate a candidly satisfying relationship.



Pisces ladies are known as kind, innovative, empathetic, sacrificial and to a great degree touchy people. In the event that you need to pull in the lady conceived under the Pisces zodiac signs, you should be sentimental and to have a decent comical inclination. It is additionally essential to be a decent audience.

The Pisces identity is humane and loaded with unlimited adoration. When you have caught her consideration, she will rush to open up to you. A sex with the Pisces lady will be touchy and you will never be exhausted with her in the room.

The lady conceived under the Pisces star sign appreciates energetic dialogs about profound things and the powerful. She is instinctive and will rapidly make sense of in the event that all you are searching for is simply sex. She needs to be approached with deference and you will never have the capacity to lure her completely amid the initial few dates. In case you’re straightforward and in the event that you open up to her, she will promptly feel more associated with you.

The Pisces lady is exceptionally touchy by nature, so she rushes to forgive and never look back. On the off chance that her heart has been injured previously, she will experience considerable difficulties herself move down to the thought about another sentimental relationship.


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