Amber Rose is the first to concede she’s “obtained a lifetime of experience already.”

The straightforward model and anchor person talked about her “number” amid a greatly candid discussion about sex with rapper Ty Dolla Sign on “The Amber Rose Show” on Friday night.

How to Be a Bad Bitch

“I’m 32-years of age, I’ve obtained a lifetime of experience already a couple times,” she uncovered. “I’m not going to stay there and check. Particularly every one of the times I said he could put the head in, then take it out, does that number? Since I used to be so useful for that, I was the ruler of that.”


The group was gobbling her up, acclaiming her sex inspirational mentality … what’s more, her rapper visitor said he couldn’t have cared less in regards to numbers either. “Presumably [I cared[ when I was, similar to 18,” he said. “It’s sort of silly, it doesn’t make a difference. In the event that she says ten that implies in regards to 100 right?!”

Rose, who has a child with Wiz Khalifa and dated Kanye West, got significantly more express when Ty Dolla Sign said some of his accomplices “keep down” to see less experienced.


“Like, in the event that you side  dick too great the first run through, folks will resemble, ‘Mmm I can’t make a spouse of her since she s- – ks d- – k too great,'” Rose shouted.

Amber Rose then went in as soon as possible standard amongst men and ladies with regards to side pieces.

“To start with inquiry: Why are men permitted to have special ladies, and why aren’t ladies permitted to have … there’s not even a word for it,” she asked the group of onlookers. “We can’t have, similar to ‘side dick.'”

“We women are savvy enough to not give the men a chance to discover, I feel like folks get so messy,” she proceeded. “Ladies have an instinct, in the event that he lies we know. … Sometimes we’re trying to claim ignorance, similar to, ‘He wouldn’t do that to me,’ yet in the meantime we like, ‘Bitch, I know he did that.'”



Since Amber Rose is a Libra it is no shock why she is as open as she is about her relationships or even falling in love very fast and maybe with the wrong people.

With regards to bed, the Libra lady will truly welcome it on the off chance that you make her have fun altogether. On the off chance that you do as such, she will give back where its due. She is the sort of lady who appreciates being kissed, foreplay and told sweet nothings before real sex. Compliment her; advise her how lovely she is. Don’t simply race to complete up and proceed onward with life.

In the event that you do pass this stage, she will consider you as somebody she can keep since she doesn’t choose who she will go to bed with in a brief moment. In this way, on the off chance that you are put into that classification, make the best out of it. Indeed, even after the date, ensure you keep correspondence among you streaming.

So  Starz what do you think about Amber Rose new show ? Do you think she is being to raunchy and dirty? Or do you think she is trying to make a point about woman having the same equal rights when it comes to sex? What are your thoughts? Please click, comment, and share and thank you for reading.

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