Jennifer Lopez birthday is July 24,  as noted earlier she is in fact a Leo. Her boyfriend or should I say ex boyfriend Casper Smart ‘s birthday is April 6 which makes him an aries.


AWW… how cute they are both fire signs and here in the astrology world  this makes them a favorable match. But lets go back to Jennifer Lopez who is notorious for getting in and out of realtionships. Why hmm only some can speculate.



On astrology terms it is, notwithstanding, the kind of relationship which can go to extremes at either end of the enthusiastic scale. For both Aries and Leo, similarity has a tendency to be win big or bust, and both signs veer from extravagance to give up and back again with terrifying normality. Leo, zodiac eminence like no other, requests to be revered and requires a great deal of consideration from an accomplice.


Tragically for Leo, Aries love similarity can be entirely childish and doesn’t ordinarily include lavishing consideration on another person. Here the two accomplices can get into a fight over Leo’s requests.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are donzo …  as stated previously from TMZ

According to TMZ J Lo pulled the attachment on the relationship. Sources near Casper are stating the separation didn’t happen, however our Lopez sources are clear … the relationship is over.

J Lo, 47, and Casper, 29, began dating as far back as October 2011. It showed up as though they separated in 2014 yet our sources say they were never truly separated … what’s more, they were truly investing energy at her home when they were as far as anyone knows isolated.

Things appeared to be okay a few weeks back when they hung out at her Vegas show … where she gave ex Marc Anthony a yell out.

People initially reported the separation.


So starz what do you think will JLO and Caper reunite or do you think that it is over for good? Like and comment below! Thank you for reading make sure to share!!!

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