DMX-warrant-arrest-640x427-640x427According to TMZ and other sources DMX  welcomed in  baby #15. As we can see DMX is a free spirit and he lives with no limitations. But don’t you think that he should have wore a condom?? Well I am going to just sip on some tea with that one. The baby mother name is Desirre they were apparently in a relationship for a long time.



The babies name is Exodous Simmons. HMMM wasn’t DMX just in jail for not paying child support? I hope this relationship does not lead into that.


We have to again keep in mind that DMX  is a Sagittarius. Sagittarius both men and women are known to be somewhat promiscious, bouncing in and out from one realitionship to another. Some may ask why, the answer is simple cause I can cause Im free. Sometimes sagittarius can get bored with one relationship so they go hop in another to chase the feelling of adventure. DMX is notorious for having many woman as you all know remeber the song were he shouted out all the girls that he messed with name. Yep case close. Idont think DMX will stay in a relationship for long with this girl if they do they might have to agree on being swingers. What do you think Starz? Please leave your comments I would love to reply also share. Thanks for reading starz

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