Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Element: Air

Quality: Fixed

Planet: Uranus

Best for Marriage : Leo

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)



Qualities: Progressive, unique, autonomous, philanthropic person

Shortcomings: Runs from passionate expression, volatile, uncompromising, standoffish

Aquarius likes: Fun with companions, helping other people, battling for causes, scholarly discussion, a great audience

Aquarius detests: Limitations, broken guarantees, being forlorn, dull or exhausting circumstances, individuals who can’t help contradicting them

There are two kinds of Aquarius in the world there are the ones that are extremely friendly and outgoing and there are the ones that are laid back quiet and to themselves. Aquarians are highly intelligent and are able to solve problems fairly quickly without out [personally judging a person. They think with reason and understanding.
Sometimes you may catch a Aquarius all to themselves that is because they need time regenerate there power. They may go on long periods of introspection reevaluating things in there life so that they can improve in areas that they lack. Aquarius looks through lenses of the world with hope and infinite possibilities. They typically have a good head on there shoulders and have a distinct intuition of knowing what they want in life. If Aquarius is not constantly stimulating there mind with constant information and knowledge they may lack the drive and motivation to use there full potential if they don’t.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus which is a combination of aggression and shyness all at one time.Uranus helps them to have visions and to know what they want in the future and bring it into reality.

Aquarius can come across as cold and unemotional. It is not because they are insensitive, it is because they need to be able to build trust for a long time before they unfold on a intimate level. They should learn how to express themselves and emotions in a appropriate way. Problems arise for Aquarius when they are unable to utilize their freedom. You can find many Aquarius people fighting for the greater good making sure people are people treating fair and with equality.
Nothing is more sexier to a Aquarius then a stimulating conversations. Remember these people are thinkers they will more likely open up to someone who is on there same wave length and mental process. Being able to talk about politics and philosophy of some sort.. In love they are committed and dedicated they can become a little controlling with matters of the house and bills. That is only because they sense what is right and are responsible. People born on this sign are not possessive they will usually let there partner have the freedom they deserve.

Aquarius will not always communicate with friends and family on an emotional level that is because they need time to get warmed up to a person. People born under this sign are actually very sensitive so they need time before they open up completely and even then they will only let you in so much. This is a defense mechanism to protect there most d extremely giving willing to do anything for the one that they love.

People born under this sign have a great ability to succeed at any job that they put there mind to. They naturally have a good attitude about there job and that shows in there work. People born under this sign get promotions quickly and have a good chance on climbing on top of the ladder. Aquarius love money they find a good balance between saving and spending. They tend to be visionary saving for the future or saving for a rainy day.
When it comes to money, this zodiac sign has a talent to maintain a balance between spending and saving money. Aquarius are eccentric with a unique sense of fashion.You can catch them in very bold colors or suits.Aquarius are well suited for any career that lets them use there talents with no restriction or limitation. Such careers include a teaching, managerial positions, human rights activist, writer,editor, mathematician, or a bank associate.


You ought to find out about all the positive and negative Aquarius characteristics on the off chance that you need to allure man conceived under this zodiac sign. Aquarius men are erratic, insightful, social, free and amazing communicators. A portion of the negative Aquarius qualities incorporate instability, stiff necked attitude, uncertainty, and firmness.

On the off chance that you need to lure the man conceived under the Aquarius crystal gazing sign, you will must be cool about it. On the off chance that you ever gone ahead excessively forceful candidly for this man, he will never at any point consider taking you to bed.

The Aquarius man can regularly live inside his own particular personality, so he needs a sidekick to discuss the dynamic contemplation he makes. In this way, on the off chance that you need to allure him, you ought to be companions first. The vast majority of their sentiments tend to begin as companionship which progressively advance into something more genuine. This implies the Aquarius men will never go into a sentimental association with somebody who isn’t as of now a companion. Be patient and keep things on a dispassionate premise until you’re prepared to make your first huge move. Regard his requirement for flexibility, his uniqueness, and his longing to have any kind of effect on the planet


Aquarius identity is autonomous, puzzling, free-lively and whimsical. Aquarius ladies have an exceptional comical inclination and a commonsense standpoint in life. In any case, irregularity is a consistent issue for ladies conceived under the Aquarius zodiac sign.

The Aquarius lady aches for sentiment and great discussion, in spite of the fact that she may appear like a cool and detached individual. She is a fantastic sex accomplice, yet just on the off chance that she is persuaded that you are occupied with more than only a one night stand.

On the off chance that you need to entice a lady conceived under the Aquarius star sign, you will need to speak to the various distinctive sides of her identity. Aquarius ladies are attracted to individuals who emerge from the group, so on the off chance that you need to pull in her consideration it’s vital to appear to be somewhat unique in relation to other people she knows.

The Aquarius lady is a profoundly inventive sex accomplice, who needs to experiment with new things all the time. In any case, make a point to let her realize that she is more than only a sex accomplice to you.
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The most noticeably awful misstep you can make when attempting to allure the Aquarius lady is to be excessively requesting and pushy. Give her bunches of opportunity, since she is an exceptionally autonomous lady and won’t endure any sort of control. With a specific end goal to draw in her consideration, demonstrate her that you’re the cool and quiet sort. The Aquarius lady feels uncomfortable with individuals who transparently express their sentiments, so stay away from candidly charged issues and speak to her astuteness.






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