August 19th – August 23rd


While Virgo can be modest Leo likes to do it big. This creates a very unique combination when working together. However sometimes this mix can cause conflict with each other with Virgo wanting to be restricted and Leo wanting to let loose. Virgo and Leo contain to elements Virgo rules the element of earth while Leo rules the element of fire. So its really tricky the fire can burn out all of the earth or the earth can keep the fire down. I guess it depends on the mood at the time of these unique cuspers !

Leo/ Virgo cusps can have days were they are very social and outgoing while other days they can become a recluse going into there own world not wanting to talk to anyone. But just give them a few days and they come out sociable as ever and almost like the life at any social event or gathering.

If Leo/Virgo cusp can learn to harness there power they become quite successful in anything that they do. Leo has imagination and creativity while Virgo is structured organized and precise.

Virgo/Leo cusp have a natural knack for business. Leo/Virgo cusp are natural born leaders however sometimes they can be withdrawn and to themselves. They can be seen as entrepreneurs or in some type of  creative field. They are often an inspiration to others because of there many foreseen talents.

Sometimes the Virgo side of these cuspers can make them a little bit anti social and to themselves in there home.They are constantly battling with the Leo side that wants to be friendly and outgoing. If they can find the right balance with their powers they are actually unstoppable. Virgo can oversee that there projects are successful.

Leo/Virgo cusp are the most thoughtful and giving people of the zodiac and they are great to have on your team.


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