Blac Chyna is a Taurus and Rob Kardashian is a Pisces. When these to got together it is no surprise that magic sparked between this love affair.Rob  is dreamy and Blac Chyna is more grounded bringing these forces together allot can be accomplished between the too.
When we look at the astrology circle both of the signs are two signs apart making this a rather complimentary mix .The energy between these to are really undeniable.



Since Blac Chyna has been with Rob Kardashian she was able to get his self esteem  more back on track. Think about it Rob has been in hiding until Blac Chyna came along and gave him life. Now he is back in the camera life and he is again happy. She has been helping him turn his dreams into reality as well as her own dreams of course. He has even gotten more healthier and exercising more because of Blac Chnya pushing him to meet his goals.Since Blac Chyna just went through a tough break up between them and here comes the sweet caring and nurturing Pisces to sweep her up off her feet and save her. That is basically what blac chyna has been looking for her whole career even as a stripper someone to save her someone to be able to help her keep up with her extravagant lifestyle.


Rob Kardashian is ruled by Jupiter(Luck) and Neptune (Illusions) and Blac Chyna is ruled by Venus (Love). When these two planets meet a beautiful connection is born. So is it just for the money hmmmm….. I think that they infact might have a beautiful soul connection. It might have started for the money on Blac Chyna end however they realized that they have allot to offer to each other. There relationship is actually idealistic surprisingly. However they should be careful they relationship can turn more into a fantasy then a reality.


EXCLUSIVE: Pregnant Blac Chyna shows her curves in a  tight dress while out with friends in Los Angeles

Now that Blac Chyna is pregnant they are getting more and more closer however Blac Chyna has a tendency to push Rob Kardashian past his comfort zone with trying to be in social media and reality shows. Rob is a private person who does not like all his business out in the open that is Pisces is. However Blac Chyna is trying to push Rob to be more better than he is but she should be careful not to push to hard this will just make him retreat and swim away. This relationship will last if they can become in balance with things and not let the media and fame take over there lives they should be rooted and remember the special things that brought them together.


I would rate this relationship 4 stars out of 5 as loing as they can keep people out of there business!!!!

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