Aries and Capricorn is a rather difficult combination. Aries is ruled by Mars and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Sexually there are allot of unfavorable variables such as physical and emotional connection which is needed in order to have a healthy sex life.This pairing may struggle with mutual understanding and communication. Which are the key components in making any relationship work.Aries may be to demanding sexually and Capricorn would go crazy trying to please and not meeting the main objective of complete satisfaction, this will lead to Capricorn loosing its energy to put in into the relationship.

These two will eventually lead into separation because the emotional and intimate connection is not being met or attained. Please keep in mind that any relationship can work with love, communication, and understanding. This pairing unfortunately needs allot more effort than most.

The attraction is definitely there between the two however they typically play each other at a rather safe distance. Capricorn can read and study  Aries body language and Aries can learn what makes Capricorn burst with extreme pleasures. However being that they are both very very different in nature there personalities will tend to clash making this pairing very unrealistic.

Aries and Capricorn wont have a problem in the trust area they are pretty much translucent what you see is what you get. Although they tend to have some arguments they will never abuse each others trust.  They should learn how to treasure that special quality that each of them have. Remember to hold on to the good qualities that they share and improve on the more difficult things.


Unless they are talking about work career ambitions or physical ambitions the conversation between these too will be kind of dull.
Aries is somewhat impulsive and a risk taker this is completely opposite of Capricorn who likes to play it safe. Capricorn will criticize Aries for there stupid opinion and Aries will wonder why Capricorn is so boring and dull. They both will eventually loose there patience with each other. Emotions are taken completely the wrong way because of how each of them come across to one another.

They  should learn to temper there egos .When they arguments neither of them like to back down and each of them believe that they are right.
This is a very difficult match. In order for this match to work both egos must be put aside, and respect must be given to both parties. There is so much competition between the two that this is hard. I would run like hell from a match like this!! It takes allot of work Irate this match 2 stars out of 5.


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