Helen Ficalora Large Virgo Zodiac Charm Rose Gold

Dates: August 23 – September 22
 Strengths: Practical, dedicated, determined, good heart, intelligent, pays good attention to detail
Weaknesses: timid, stresses to much, to hard on themselves and others, wishy – washy

Element: Earth

Quality: Mutable

Color: White, Yellow, Green, and purple

Ruler: Mercury

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Taurus, Capricorn

Best for Marriage : Pisces


Virgos are constantly paying attention to little intricate details of like . They tend to look at things as black and white and no in between  . Virgos are very sweet people also cautious at the same time
Since Virgo is a earth sign they are very analytical organizing everything in there life down to last detail. Even if there is a Virgo that is unorganized in there house you still will find that they organize there goals and plan around things efficiently.

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury helps Virgo to become effective writers as well as speakers of truth and heighten knowledge. A good career choice for Virgos would be anything that involved writing or speaking to people about hidden knowledge. Virgos are very helpful and often receive life from helping out another person. This makes them feel purposeful and useful. They would also be good at any career that involved caring for the other person they are naturalist at it.Virgos should some time take a step back they are prone to over analyzing themselves as well as other people. They can sometimes beat themselves up way to much. Why do they do that? The answer is simple they want to be perfectionist.


Virgos need to feel that they are needed and wanted in a relationship. They are precise  and thoughtful making them exceptional lovers. Virgos may come across cold not expressing directly there love to there partner. However give them a chance to show you in the bedroom and watch all there walls break down. Virgos would like  to have one partner in there relationship they are loyal and dedicated unless they feel like they are not wanted and desired.

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Virgo is a excellent friend to have. They are typically very helpful and resourceful. They are problem solvers so whenever you have a problem tell a Virgo more than likely they will be able to solve it.  They are good health advisers they will remind you that you should eat healthy or take more care of body. They are devoted to there friends and family. They are superb parents however they are not very expressive they rather show there love through there actions rather than saying it.


Virgos are extremely intelligent and analytical thinkers. They have an innate ability to find the problem and solve the problem. If your business is not succeeding hire a Virgo they will problem solve until it works.They give there 100% in everything that they do because they are perfectionist and they will not expect anything less from themselves. Virgos get promotions pretty quickly because of this. Many Virgos have an ability to sometimes attract money towards them. This is because of there hard work and intelligence that people secretly wish to have. A Virgo should try careers in psychology, social work, writer, blogger, care giver, or a business owner.

Virgos handle there money pretty well for the most part. They are good at bugeting and taking care of what needs to be taken care of first. Virgos will plan and write down what needs to be paid first before the splurge on themselves. Virgos like nice things so you can catch them buying nice things for themselves from time to time. Virgos can be borderline flashy at times as well.


If you want a Virgo man the first rule is to be clean. Make sure you smell clean and your hygiene is up to par. If you are not clean and personally appealing to them they will be turned off. Virgos do not trust many so they will begin slowly to get to know you. Make sure you keep it classy if you are a fast person. They will not like that, or they will use for a fun time and keep it moving.

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A man with a Virgo sun does not like sudden surprises so make sure you are what you say you are and do what you say you are going to do.

A Virgo has a tendency to put up a real cool laid back front. But don’t him fool you he is analyzing your every move so make sure you act like wifey at all times don’t get to comfortable.

So to conclude this conversation it  does take allot of work to seduce a Virgo man. Remember keep it neat keep your hygiene in check. Make sure your never rude and talk with them they like people who share there same ideas as them. They will take a while before they completely trust you but once they do there heart is as good as gold.


 Virgo women are intelligent, practical , beautiful, and somewhat realistic. When you are trying to get a Virgo woman at first there look on there eyes may intimidate you. They may have a look of no emotion or indifference. She may come across as very cold, however this is far from the case . Virgo women is like a microwave just give her time and she will warm up to you. That is only is you can prove that you are worthy of her time.

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You will need allot of patience because a Virgo woman will not always giver herself to you. You can show her by little gestures that she is wanted and needed. Virgo woman are not necessarily materialistic so the little things will make a long way in the heart of this woman. Once a Virgo woman gives herself  to you she is devoted and passionate lover willing to sacrifice it all for you. So be patient it will be worth the wait.


Virgos are mainly compatible with : Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces


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