By Sashastarz

Hey starz !! Do you have a crush on somebody but can’t figure out if they actually have a crush on you?  This might be a little helpful to you to see what their sign is and then you can see how they may react to you if they indeed have a crush on you.

Aries will drop little hints like inviting you on their many various events with them.They may come off as friends then the wait for the perfect timing to make their move

Taurus will not be able to contain there secret crush.All their friends and their family members will know about you before you even meet them

 Gemini will play it safe they will pop out of no where,sometimes to talk to you then they vanish,patiently waiting for you to return.

 Cancer .gets really quite sometimes looking at you with a sparkle in there eye .They may even crack. Smile as soon as you look in there direction they are going to want to be around you and almost try to baby you !!!!

Leo will actually be very talkative and make up some crazy jokes just to get your attention and make you laugh.

 Virgo  They will try to solve any problem that you tell them.Offering help and resolution they will also have a blank stare on their face that is because their sizing you up to be the perfect mate.

 Libra there is no problem knowing when this sign will have a crush on you! They are literally attached to your hip phone calls are like all the time.

Scorpio Will secretly stalk you never know it they find everything out about you especially on social media sites they want to know all of your secrets

 Sagittarius is a flirt if they have a crush on you they sent you will tell you about you get an ass if you need anything

Capricorn likes to play it safe so unless you make the first move or convince them that you like them they will hire you at a distance

 Aquarius They are more apt to carry on online relationships if they eventually meet in person. They are not very expressive with their emotions in the face. You will just have to take something hints.

 Pisces Another silent stalker from far far away.They will admire you from a distance then quickly swim away ! Thats just what a fish does.

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Do they Like me or Not

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