Sex and Horoscopes

Hello my Sexy Starz.! 

Did you know that the Stars can actually let you know about your inner freak???

I have listed below a summary of your sexual preferences s and also recommended sex positions for each sign.

Okay don’t believe me read it for yourself and let me know what you think about all of this XXX.

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Aries like to be the initiator as well as the deliverer they will blow your mind with what they have to offer. They prefer a little rough-housing and maybe some outdoor sex they also like for their head to be rubbed or their shoulders.Aries have a large sexual appetite and they don’t do just one round they like marathons.The recommended position for you guys would be doggy style standing up.


Aquarius are eccentric, experimental, and creative they’re always looking for new ways to do the dirty deed. They are not very emotionally expressive, however they defiantly are equipped to give you that big O. New toys or new games will turn them on. Don’t forget to bring that Silver Bullet with you and maybe a dildo. The recommended sex positions would be the baby sac with a little twist with a woman back is slightly lifted off of the ground and the man can grab her by the waist and take full control.


 Pisces likes  anything to do with power and control.Maybe try a little tied up item, whips, handcuffs, and a  little S&M here and there and you will be good to go.


Taurus is very sensual but freaky at the same time.Maybe try some chocolate covered strawberries or whipped cream to make your goodies taste even sweeter. Taurus recommended position would be missionary

Gemini hate to say it but they have a high sex drive.They rarely  can be satisfied with one person. This is because they can change very quick. They may enjoy orgies, threesomes, and maybe even some sex parties. They also like a partner that talks with them because they will definitely know what to say to turn you on.


 Well that’s easy their symbols are the 69, so of course a little mouth or fore play to the sexy party sstarted.They also like very intimate positions. Learning the karma sutra wouldn’t hurt.Any position facing each other that way they could make sexual eye contact with you and create a mystical world of sexual passion.I would also recommend the classic spooning position as well.


Leo’s like to show off a great deal of attention. Going in the bedroom is like going on center stage for them.  It is time for them to perform and to satisfy you. They are pretty easy-going and could go for any move  I would recommend the  cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. So hold on tight and get ready for this Wild Ride.


Virgo might appear shy at first however they  are a perfectionist so they tend to study and perfect their moves. They’re capable of doing it all however to get really good stimulation Lazy Boy or Lazy Girl position is recommended for your sign.


Libras are very romantic and sexually giving to their love.They want to make sure that their partner is pleased before them. Since they are very visual and artsy they prefer to set the move whether that be candles music flowers chocolate nice hotel anything sweet then they surprise you with the pounding of your life!!! Women know how to wear the right outfits for any occasion. This sign should try reverse scoop !!And enjoy love making !


 Scorpios are usually dominant in the bedroom.They like to take full control over their partner.They are passionate and mysterious you’ll never know what they’ll do next. Scorpios have magical hands and they know how to touch you in spots that will make you trumble.When you’re with the Scorpio expect them to get all in your intimate places because they will.I recommend the face off where the man sits up maybe at the edge of the bed and the woman sitting on his lap.


Sagittarius is an adventurer in and out of the bedroom. Their motto is:” I will try anything at least one time.” With that being said they are very experienced and know many moves.Having sex in unusual places turn them on especially the outdoors or in public places it gives them an adrenaline rushe.Anything that makes that sex sound is a must. Also maybe keep some mirrors on hand they like to perform and show you the animalistic beast that’s inside of them the recommend positions would be all of them or any position where they can move around because they are typically very athletic


Capricorn’s may appear to be very restricted or even prudent but don’t be fooled. They are some undercover Freaks and I mean that they will literally  f*** the s*** out of you all day!! They do basic traditional moves. Capricorn  should try turning on the flick while they’re doing it for extra sstimulation. The recommended sex position for this sign would be kind of a challenging . The wheelbarrow position where the woman is face down to the ground with the hands on the ground and the man stands up and grabs her from behind.

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