So what’s your Signs Typical Addiction


by Sasha Starz

Do you have a bad habit or addiction? 

Did you know that your addiction may already have been determined in your sign? Your secret vices have already  been put in our universe. Or maybe you don’t have a vice or addiction good for you! These are some things that you should stay away from pertaining to your sign because you could possibly get hooked pretty quick !!!

 Enjoy Starz and if you have any questions comments or concerns please leave them down below if you would like to directly email me for a special reading email me at

Aries –} tobacco and alcohol 


Gemini –}  cigarettes,sex,and anything involving an adrenaline rush


  Cancer –} they’re all about alcohol, pills, and they are very conscious of their body image


 Leos –} marijuana hard drugs gambling drinking sex this sign likes to push the limits


 Virgo –} they are natural workaholics !!! So work is going to be #1 then it’s smoking cigarettes, drinking, and maybe occasional marijuana use


 Libra –}   notorious drinkers they will go out if they are feeling melancholic  to recreational drugs of any sort.


Scorpio –}you should already know this one’s sex ,drugs,and rock and roll oh and a lot of pornography !!


Sagittarius –} risk-takers from the start they mostly enjoy promiscuous sex, alcohol,and cigarettes.


Pisces –} alcohol to relieve stress  and they like to experiment also from time to time.


Capricorn–}is one of the signs that is less likely to develop an addiction because they really structure their life and they’re very routine 


 Aquarius –} these guys are like little scientists. They’re going to experiment and they’re  going to be the most likely sign to do recreational drugs besides a Scorpio


Taurus–} is a natural homebody. There vices would be food, marijuana, and tv.

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Thank you sleep well underneath the Starz and stay bessed

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