What is your birthday. Zodiac sign

What is your name what’s your sign? are usually some of the first things people will ask to imitate a conversation. 

Hello Starz do you know what your sign is? Here is a quick summary of the signs maped out by the date so that you can find out exactly what is your sign is. Please  remember this is just pretty basic in order for us to find the truth, we need to do a full reading. For example, you could possibly be a cusp sign which is 2 signs. Please read my article about cusp signs hit the search bar !!!!!


Aquarius –>

 January 21st to February 19th


February 20th to March 19th


Aries –> 

March 21st to April 20th

Taurus –>

April 21st to May 21st


Gemini —> 

May 22nd to June 21st


June 22nd to July 22nd

Leo – –> 

July 23rd to August 21st

Virgo –>

August 22nd to September 23rd



September 24th to October 23rd

Dont forget if you love astrology you will love this book it breaks down each and every persons signs by eaxt birthday!!! It is so accurate that it will shock you click the book for more information !



October 24th to November 22nd


Sagittarius —>

November 23rd to December 22nd


 Capricorn –>

December 23rd – January 20th

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