Cancer Personality June 22nd -July 23rd

Hey starz! So you want to know about the cancer sign aye !!

The first impression of someone that is a cancer may be hard to figure out initially. They appear to be elusive and somewhat withdrawn but give them a chance and after many encounters you will see what this crab has to offer. They do this in order to protect themselves.

 They do this simply by displaying a tough exterror because if you really are able to crack open the crab you will find out this creature is actually very kind and sweet!!

A lot of times you’ll find cancers facial expressions are very contradicting to how they may actually feel. Never try to rush the opening up progress you may regret it later this will only make them crawl more into the shell.

Cancer symbolizes the water as well as the Moon this all correlates and explains why they have such sudden shifts in their moods. Especially during lunar shifts with the Moon. Cancers moods can change within the hour since they can feel a vast amount of emotions sometimes all at one time.

They are extremely driven by family and the security that it provides. Their house is their Sanctuary it’s a place where they can be treated to a place where they can keep things or emotions that are sacred to them sometimes things that they don’t want to reveal to the public eye.As they get older  they will choose to create a stable and comfortable enviorment and they will do this at any means necessary.

In relationships cancers can be extremely passionate and eventually so in tune with other person that they can almost read the other persons body and emotional language that they will be able to quickly adapt to make the other person happy. 

They are extremely loyal unless they have been hurt or they feel like their own needs wants and attentions are not being met they will go off and see if these attentions elsewhere.

Cancers are more compatible with other water signs like Pisces,Scorpio and sometimes even  Capricorn. 

When cancer does not get its way just like a crab it swells with pride and goes into there shell into they feel it is safe enough to show there face.

They are recommended to attain their motives and to express more positively how they feel and said of reacting on impulse. They should try to find a hobby what they like to do and practice it on a regular basis to release stress they also should do one humanitarian thing a week to keep their health up. Helping people nourishes a cancers soul.Cancers have great ideas but sometimes will not vocalize them and are quiet about them there may be some self-doubt involved. Cancer should speak up and step up more if they do that they will conquer anything that is set for remember fear is false expectations appearing real.

Also remember not everything has an emotional tie to it sometimes things are just logical or they’re not as deep that you may come into and that goes for everything whether material or emotional.

Again Starz this is a generalization in order to know your true personality you must do a birth chart reading to find out all the signs  as well as houses that are correlated with your sign. Also  date of birth,time, and  birth location

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