The Cusp of Rebirth    Pisces/Aries              March 17th- March23rd

The cusp  of rebirth!!! 

The Rebirth of new ideas inventions creativity and imagination. Pisces imagination mix with Aries go-getter attitude is a great mixture to have if you are looking to succeed and a goal that you might have found on the Pisces Aries cusp to help you with that because they are great with that.

 They are so quick with forming new ideas they need to tend to maybe think things out before acting if they practice more patience they would see more of their dreams turn into reality. The challenge that they may face is the solitude personality of a pisces battling the social and lively Aries.
 Advice for Picares get more out become more social you have a natural gift that naturally attracts people use it more often you would be surprised how far you can go just from your charisma also remember not everything has got to move fast sometimes things take time before dreams are seen into reality.

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